Alec Iruri-Tucker is a Bloomington-native pursuing an Animal Behavior B.S. with minors in Biology, Anthropology, and Environmental Science. In 2014, Alec joined a research project examining Danio spp.(zebrafish) shoal behavior and positive rheotaxis with Drs. Emília Martins and Piyumika Suriyampola. After initial exposure to animal behavior research, Alec became interested in exploring the impacts of anthropogenic factors on behavior and physiology. He transitioned to the PEEL lab to pursue these interests in 2016. He is now studying how behavior, endocrinology, toxicant presence, and prevalence of antibiotic-resistant enterobacteriaceae differs across primate populations in Costa Rica. Alec would like to continue to pursue academic research and educational media, especially documentaries, to reach scientific and non-scientific audiences.
Alec enjoys outdoor recreation in his spare time. Alec supplements his love for the outdoors by co-instructing whitewater kayaking and backpacking classes though Indiana University’s Outdoor Adventure program.